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I   Please Note
  • A.   Our doors are designed to fit on flat surfaces on the inside of the building. Sometime block walls are uneven, if this is the case, try to install rails as straight as you can without distorting or twisting. Please don't over tighten.

  • B.   Before installation Dur-O-Door (Door with chew proof sheet metal shield,) cut packing ties.

  • C.   When gasket is new, it is stiff and needs to wear in.
II  Dur-O-Door
  • A.   Put 3/4" wide insulating or weather stripping tape on backside on rails next to anchor holes .
  • B.   Place vertical slider over center of hole in wall. Place rail on edge of hole, mark anchor holes with pen. A hook and anchor are approved to hang pulley. In masonry walls you need a masonry bit, drill 1/4 inch hole 1 1/2" deep over center of door. Insert plastic (blue) anchor in wall. Install ceiling hook.

  • C.   Tapcons “Cement Screws” are provided for masonry walls. Use a hammer drill. The best and quickest way to install doors is to use a Tapcon Tool (not provided.) Peel off film.

III  Econ-O-Doors
  • A.   Masonry: install one rail at side of door with screws provided (Tapcon or others.) Place slider in rail . Install second rail with 1/4 inch play (important for expansion!)

  • B.   Install hook over center of door. Use 1/4 in masonry bit about 1 1/2" deep. Use blue anchor then hook for pulley.
IV   Flap Door
  • A.   The flap door is designed to fit on the outside of kennel run

  • B.   The aluminum angles are placed on the side, using washer spacers to allow the flap to swing freely.
  • C.   No WARRANTY on flap doors. (Some dogs will eat concrete.)
V  Warranty
  • A.   To the original purchaser Pet Pals & Kennels warrants its products for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by dogs, pets, etc., are excluded from this warranty. Pet Pals & Kennels or Robert Richmond is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage resulting from use of this product. NO other warrantees, written or verbal are authorized. Flap doors are not warranted.

Attn: Kennel Operators & Vets - will send you a Duro-Deluxe door for inspection and if you aren't fully satisfied you may send it back for a full refund less shipping.

RETURN Policies

You may be subject to a 20% Restock Fee upon returned items.

If product is delivered damaged to you be sure to save the carton for returns.  This is a UPS Policy.  They will not return your product unless it is in same package.


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