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Quality dog doors made to last! Duro Deluxe kennel doors by Pet Pals & Kennels are the premier choice of dog handlers everywhere.

Our doors are used by leading kennels, veterinary hospitals and law enforcement facilities to make animal control easy, efficient, clean and safe. products

 Vertical doors - Duro-deluxe & Econo Doors
Rubber Flap Doors


Made of the best materials: To assure long life, trouble-free operation and weather resistance, only proven materials are used in our products. We use ABS black or milk-colored translucent plastic for the doors and heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel for the shields, and the wire is stainless steel aircraft wire and stainless steel screws. Our door is sturdy and solid.

Duro Deluxe Door comes fully assembled!

A superior safety design: Our shield covers the edges of the door that could be chewed. No-snare design puts the door cable behind the shield, eliminating the threat of choking.

Energy efficient: The newly designed gasket ensures an excellent weather seal thus maximizing energy efficiency and increasing comfort.

Easily installed: We provide clear instructions and customer support to make installing our door as quick and easy as possible. No assembly is required; units are shipped ready to install. Once in place, no maintenance is required other than cleaning. Shipped with complete installation instructions.

Reasonably priced: We believe our quality is affordable. Quantity discounts are available and we manufacture custom sizes in quantity.

Custom Orders: Stainless steel door fronts made to order - affordably priced. Also, rubber flap doors that work with kennel doors are sold as a separate item.

Attn: Kennel Operators & Vets - will send you a Duro-Deluxe door for inspection and if you aren't fully satisfied you may send it back for a full refund less shipping.

RETURN Policies

You may be subject to a 20% Restock Fee upon returned items.If product is delivered damaged to you be sure to save the carton for returns.  This is a UPS Policy.  They will not return your product unless it is in same package.


...A quick note from Bob Richmond....

"We take pride in the quality of our products, and Bob Richmond, the inventor of the Duro Deluxe Dog Door, is always willing to discuss his doors with you. To talk to Bob or get more information, call410.658.3647. If you would like to read what Kennel Door customers have to say, please visit our testimonials page."



Professional Grade Kennel Doors. Safety Design - No Choke.

Safe for boarding kennels, police animal shelters and veterinary hospitals.

Easy to install; all hardware included.

Energy efficient - new gasket stainless steel aircraft wire and screws - no rust.


Quality Construction Highest Grade Materials Guaranteed Satisfaction

This product is not recommended for the homeowners



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